Are Job Boards A Thing Of The Past?

I have read a few articles and discussions online recently where people are debating, whether Job Boards are an effective online recruitment solution or if they are simply past there best and no longer offer the quality or quantity of applicants that they once did?  Whilst this debate seems to be raising questions, this isn’t a new topic, and has in fact been around for several years now.  However recent statistics still list job boards as the leading online recruitment platform for job searching and job posting. Despite what the statistics show, there is a valid argument,  too often you see comments on linked in, where recruiters are talking about lack of quality applications, compared to previous years and so are job boards becoming a thing of the past?  or are they simply out dated? The problem is job boards aren’t as effective or as ground breaking as they once were.   The concept of a job board is now almost 30 years old, and in that time technology has grown massively and far beyond what we could have even imagined when the very first job board was launched all those years ago.  For whatever reasons current and new job boards continually chase this old format which often shows job vacancies which do not fit the job seekers original search criteria, back stop generic vacancies in to poor performing search results, and still ask job seekers to create an account online, even though hundreds of thousands of personal details have been lost to data breaches via job boards. The discussions shouldn’t be are job boards a thing of the past, it should be how can we take advantage of modern technologies, to evolve job boards into the revolutionary and ground breaking job searching tool that job seekers, recruiters and employers need them to be. JobApp is that evolution, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to match job seekers to job vacancies far beyond Job Title and Location, with no registrations or online accounts your personal information can never be hacked or lost to data breaches. Introducing technologies such as image and speech recognition along with augmented reality in to our mobile app means that JobApp is the most advanced online recruitment platform available and if that’s not good enough you can post unlimited job vacancies on our platform, for less than what most job boards will charge for a single job vacancy. Welcome to the Future, Welcome to JobApp.