POST unlimited vacancies for £99
At JobApp you can post unlimited Job Vacancies for just £99 per month.
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A Different Kind Of Job Board
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Affordable job posting, no pricing plans, no add ons, just one price and unlimited job postings.


Image Recognition

Use the camera built in to your device to capture a business brand or logo to find their job vacancies.

Augmented Reality

Overlay surrounding job vacancies to your proximity on to the screen of your device.

Speech Recognition

Search and apply for the latest relevant job vacancies using voice commands.

Deep Machine Learning

JobApp uses deep machine learning to identify what job vacancies best match your skills and experience.

Protects Your Details

Your personal information is stored on your mobile device and not our servers.

No Login or Registration

JobApp doesn’t ask you to create an account or to login to use its features and services.

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what is jobapp?

JobApp is a new mobile job searching app, merging what we have come to accept as the norm, with a completely new and more modern approach to finding and matching job seekers with suitable job vacancies. 

Utilising the latest technologies, JobApp delivers a familiar yet more advanced user experience along with new tools to search for job vacancies, additionally JobApp is built on a Speech recognition framework which allows job seekers to interact directly with the app through voice commands in a similar way to Alexa or Siri and delivering a completely unique and interactive job seeking experience.

Making the most of emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies, JobApp works better and harder to accurately match job seekers to job vacancies, to ensure that applicants are only applying for jobs in which they are suitably experienced and suitably qualified.

When a job seeker uses JobApp all their personal information is stored on their mobile device and a unique encrypted ID is used to talk to our server.  This allows us to match their skills, abilities, and qualifications to advertised job vacancies, meaning that at no time is their personal information exposed.  Additionally, when contacting recruiters, A job seekers personal contact information is masked, to ensure that their personal details are never exposed until a point, that they wish to share them with the potential recruiter or employer.  Using JobApp puts the job seeker back in control of their personal data.



Use the camera built in to your device to capture a logo and let JobApp find that companies job vacancies.


Find suitable job vacancies in your current location using the latest Augmented Reality technology.


Use JobApps speech recognition to interact with JobApp to easily and manage your job searching activities.

Affordable job postings

Post Your Job Vacancies for just £99 Per Month

At JobApp we wanted to make Job Posting online affordable for any company no matter of their size, whilst improving the way we deliver and match job vacancies to job seekers.

In building an app that better utilised mobile technologies and the mobile platform, we also wanted to deliver a business which could match and exceed the services offered by our competitors whilst also removing the heavy costs of posting job vacancies online.    JobApp is unique, affordable and about to change the way we recruit online.